Mame reseting when I push button 3 and 6

  • It's a strange problem. Yesterday I was playing Street Fighter Alpha 3, and I dont know what combination of buttons I did that popped me a black (yes, black, not green) screen, like the Retroarch config screen but black, and just disappeared when I exited the Mame.

    I dont know if this is related, but now when I push the button 3 + button 6 I reboot the Mame. Just happens on Mame. If i remap my controller, the same thing happens, and I dont know how to access this black Mame menu to search for some configuration that I did when I tryed to exit the screen.

    Any ideas how can I fix this problem? No, the hotkey isn't button 3 or 6.

  • @gabriel2guimara
    I think u could try to rename or remove the Mame file configuration for the game nameofrom.cfg if it only affects one game, or the Mame general configuration file default.cfg if the issue affects all Mame games.

    From Windows explorer, the path for the files are:
    on Recalbox 4.0:
    on Recalbox 4.1:

    Deleting default.cfg all previous configuration you made for Mame will be deleted Mame will recover its default config.

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