Problems with GPIO inputs

  • Hello,

    i got problems with the GPIO inputs. When i move left or right suddenly opens the menu like if i push other controls.

    when i check the controls via a short cable as a bridge, there are no problems. but with the arcade controls buttons will detected two times while pressing.

  • Hi there,

    I recently had this kind of issue.
    I use D44X cherry microswitches on my buttons.
    Those microswitches have 2 possible plugs to connect to your GPIO.


    Following a tutorial I found on the internet, I connected them to the plug that is the closest to the button resulting weird behavior (like the buttons were "maintained pressed on" which led to random exit from the games as the hotkey was considered maintained ==> like 2 buttons pushed at the same time.).
    I changed the connection to the plug that is the closest to the Ground plug and it solved my issue.

    I guess the forum experts might need further info on your configuration to be able to help you :

    • Which hardware do you use (buttons, sticks, microswitches) ?
    • When does the issue occur ? Everytime or when you do some identified stuff (while in a game, etc.) ?
      And so on...

    Note that I'm not an expert, just sharing an experience that could be a possible way of troubleshooting your issue 😉

    Good luck with your issue anyway.

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