wii, gamecube, jaguar, sega saturn, not working with nivida gpu. x86

  • Everytime i try and load a rom from wii, gamecube, jaguar, sega saturn it just kicks me back to the home screen.
    Batocera linux had the same problem but they fixed it.
    Here is the thread.

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    no support for batocera OS please ask in batocera forum.

    We are Recalbox OS FORUM, you use recalbox 4.1 OS or not ?

    wii gamecube is for x86_x64 only.

  • @acris
    I use recalbox 4.1 unstable right now and i have used batocera in the past. The problem i have is with recalbox not batocera. Since batocera and recalbox is similar and the problem is fixed with batocera maybe it could be an easy fix for recalbox 4.1 unstable x86 64 bit.

    I am having a problem with "RECALBOX 4.1 unstable x86 64 bit not working with nvida drivers open gl.
    The link i posted was how Batocera fixed the problem.

  • We'll work on x86 version once the 4.1 stable released.

  • ok thanks. while i do have a pi3 with recalbox on it i still find the x86 version a lot better and faster. I'ts hard to find a good retro o/s that is based on x86 and only needs a controller to control it.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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