DOS in recalbox 4.1 how to set the joypad ?

  • Hello,

    Just added a game and it work and it's fast but I don't kow how and where can I configure the game for the joystick ? I remember, when I was young, I played that game with a joystick.

    Maybe it's too early?


  • I finally found. Just need to plug a keyboard 🙂

  • Exact. I also use the keyboard and mouse, but for some games, I would have liked to have used the joystick, and I have not found how to detect it in DOSBOX.

  • hello all,

    long time ago, when players like me have played on DOS, we was having the same troubles ^^

    so I have tried about 40 games in recalbox dosbox and some very old like double dragon 2 work, the newers can have the joypad config in settings, that work with PS3 gamepads just fine

  • Hello 😉
    I'm having problems with getting dosbox to work. I followed the readme and dosbox launches but after you see the dosbox logo it backs into the emulationstation menu again. I've tried multiple games with the same result. The last time I had similar errors it was from incorrect bios files and the improper resolution (dreamcast). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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