Aspect ratio issue when emulating

  • Hey guys, sorry if this is a noobie question but I've searched everywhere and messed with this for a couple days...

    I am running RecalBox v4.0.2 on a RP3. My screen is a Dell 19" monitor (4:3) connected using the VGA monitor cable to HDMI adapter to the RP3.

    When I run the main menu where I select systems and games the menus take up the entire screen and looks nice, however, when I launch a game on any platform, they run squished. I have about 2 inches of black bar on both sides of my screen. I would expect this if I was using a 16:9 screen, because the games are 4:3, but I am using a 4:3 monitor so it's squishing really narrow.

    I tried messing with emulator aspect ratio settings and set them to 4:3 in both the system and for each emulator but it doesn't change anything.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks everyone!

  • @HkySk8r187 I didn't even read through your post as you don't even mention your recalbox version

  • @Substring Appologies, I updated my's 4.0.2. Had the same issue with 4.0.1 before the update as well.

  • @HkySk8r187 Have you enabled the integer scale option ? Have you chnaged the ingame resolution ?

  • @Substring I have tried the integer scale option but didn't notice any difference. I'm not sure what you mean by "ingame resolution". I'm not aware of any settings once I am in a rom. I tried setting 4:3 on SNES emulator specific options though but also didn't work. I noticed that setting it to 16:9 makes it look better, but it seems like a hack and might be missing some resolution off my screen.

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