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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Stretch emulators to fullscreen

  • OK... here goes...

    I am running recalbox on a RPI3 with composite out connected to a 13" tube television. Most emulators have black bars on the sides only. Is there a way to stretch these emulators so that they fill the screen entirely like they did on the original consoles?

    I have adjusted the overscan values to get emulationstation to fill the screen correctly, hoping that this would make the emulators follow suit, but no dice.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Here are examples, the only one that truly outputs to fullscreen is GBA


    Also here are the contents of my boot/config.txt and recalbox.conf

    config.txt = http://pastebin.com/6jCPaged

    recalbox.conf = http://pastebin.com/Zie8EjbL

    Thanks again.

  • figured out that i need all retroarch emulators to be displayed in 3:2 aspect ratio. now to figure out how to get them all in that without having to create a custom config for each emulator.

  • @mmmRetro you can find the parameter name for the retroarch.cfg file, and add it yourself to /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom.cfg. It should work. The file is xan also be found through the windows network shares

  • adjusted this line. finally figured it out

    aspect_ratio_index = 6

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