unable to get neo geo roms to work in the neo geo section

  • ive been trying to get this to work for a while now, first off i CAN play neo geo games perfectly within fba libretro and mame within recalbox, but if i take the same roms and bios files and try them in the neogeo folder, it doesnt work. ive also tried downloading a neo geo rom set(the one thats bundled with neorage, if you know what im talking about) just to see if its because its a different type of rom, and still nothing.

    how do you guys get neo geo games working within the neo geo folder? i have a big romset for my main arcade games and id love to be able to just select and play neo geo whenever i wanted to since thats my favorite, without having to scroll through every arcade game ever.

    i guess i could also put neo geo roms into the mame folder and use that as a dedicated emulator for it, but even then, i cant find a romset just of neo geo that works and it would take forever to pull through everything

  • I use the MAME ROMSET 0.78 and set the emulator to MAME078

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