Snes emulation performance disapointing

  • I have a Pi3 with recalbox 4.0 installed.
    I tried a couple of games and I have concern.

    I tried Super Punch Out witch yes is playable but as frequent slow down almost 80% of the time. The music crackle always and never at the right speed.

    Is this a normal behaviour with a Pi3 (not overclocked but with heatpad) for snes emulation.

    I tried the same game on my computer and snes9x and it was flawless.

    My Pi3 is connected only with HDMI and I tried putting rom on the SD and on a USB stick. I use a ps3 controller connected with USB.
    Is there something Im doing wrong?

    I tough by buying Pi3 I would get the same result that I get with my computer for SNES. Every forum talks about N64 performance but my problem is with snes.

    For the record I also tried Retropie with the same result.

  • I tried Pocketsnes emulator instead of snes9x-next and it seams to fix a lot of problem.
    Is there a drawback to using pocketsnes ?

  • @Martbob Some games prefers an emulator instead of another. You have made the good choice by testing another one than the default. 🙂

  • @DjLeChuck
    Ok but I never got clear sound on any game with snes9x-next emulator is that normal ?

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