[Solved] USB audio only playing in right speaker

  • Hello all.

    Recently I acquired a generic 5.1 USB audio adapter. It works as far as stereo on its own with Windows, etc but I'm running into issues with recalbox.

    I have it connected via USB and basically set alsa-base.conf to use it first . After an initial reboot it detects and I can hear the background menu music playing but only over the right speaker. I can't hear the background sounds like menu selection etc. In the settings system volume is set to 0 and keeps defaulting to it.

    I did an alsamixer from the command line and all channels are up correctly and not muted.

    In name, audio again only plays from the right speaker. Cables are definitely good.

    I can't figure out with recalbox where to fix this. Do I need to edit a config somewhere else to get the USB audio working or is the alsa base file not needed?

    Edit: Solved it. Apparently my headphones are having some jack issues. Oye. Figures it starts when I start testing 🙂
    I lugged my 5.1 creative speaker setup down to the basement and plugged in and it's all working as expected and sounds fantastic!

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