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Wired Xbox 360 Controller Connection Issues

  • Hi all-

    Just set up Recalbox on my Raspberry Pi 3. Everything works fine with a keyboard, but I am trying to get wired Xbox 360 controllers set up to work. It is being recognized as a controller, but when I try to configure the buttons, and I need to hold down a button, the system doesn't recognize it.

    I have already enabled xboxdrv driver and disable psx driver in recalbox.conf

    But still having the same issue. Has anyone run into this? Or know how to fix it?

    Any info would be appreciated!

  • @DraftPick hi
    which button are you holding ? to skip what ? is your pad wireless ? if so, do you have the usb receiver ?

  • @Substring when trying to configure the button layout and you need to hold down a button to move forward in the process. I'm usually holding down the A button. But I've tried just about all.

    Also, I'm using a wireless controller but using the charging cord to plug into the RP3. So I'm trying to use them as wired controllers. Could this be the issue?

  • @DraftPick just to be sure ... You know that you should map according to the snes layout right ? So you need to translate A <-> B, same for X and Y.

    Which means, when it asks you to press A, press B etc ...

  • @Substring Yes.. I understand that, but I can't even get to that screen. I am stuck on the screen that says "Hold a button to configure". When I hold a button on the controller, nothing happens.

    For instance, on the keyboard, when I hold a button to configure it, the word 'keyboard' pops up then I can select what button does what. But for the 360 controller, nothing happens. Hope that makes sense.

  • @DraftPick Then your pad is not detected at all. Is it a genuine x360 pad ?

  • @Substring Yes it is. Do you think since I am using a charging cable as a connection rather than having an official wired controller or using a wireless connection could be the issue?

  • @DraftPick damn stupid me : the carging cable has never turned a pad to a wired one ! You need the wireless receiver

  • @Substring Haha. Ok. Thanks for confirming. I was beating my head wondering why. I just ordered a wireless receiver. Hope that works. Thanks again.

    One other question... Have you gotten an Xbox One controller to work with Recalbox?

  • @DraftPick wired xbox one controllers only will work on 4.1, but the driver integration is not over yet. There is no driver for the wireless xbox one pad on linux yet.

  • @Substring Gotcha. Thanks for all your help! Really appreciate it.

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