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  • I just did my first Recalbox installation on an RP3. It works great but now I need to buy a pair of controllers. I see the recommendations on recalstore for the 8bitdo controllers. But I wanted to see if other people have controllers that they really like. Here is what I am looking for:

    Wireless (and easy to reconnect each time)
    Cheap (but willing to pay more for something that works)
    Available on amazon prime

    Please reply with links to any wireless controller that you are using that works well.

    Thanks! And sorry if this has been asked a million times before.

  • Well, nobody replied. But here is an update on the controllers that I have tried so far. Unfortunately, none have worked well. Note, I am using recalbox 4.0, RP3, and the recommended Plugable USB Bluetooth dongle.

    Steelseries Nimbus: I can get it to pair with BT. But it will not configure the buttons.

    Powerlead Nintendo Wii U (clone): Will not pair with BT. So I returned it.

    8bitdo FC30 pro: I figured I might as well try the recommended controller. It pairs easily and also reconnects reliably. It looks great and is very compact. My kids love it because of the small size. But the d-pad is useless. It constantly mis-fires. This thing is not a usable controller. I have to return it also. I am surprised that this is the recommended controller. I have googled around and found other people reporting problems with the dpad. Please reply if you know a solution.

    I think next I will try an OEM dual shock next. But please, if you have a wireless controller that you like, reply with a link.


  • @sneaky dualshock 3 or 4 (though the 4 will only work wirelessly on recalbox 4.1)
    XBox pads are great too but require the wireless dongle.
    My experience with bluetooth is bad most of times, but that's a personnal matter 😉

  • @Substring Agreed - try 360 controllers.

  • Banned

    @sneaky except if you like to play with dpad instead of analog stick that's the only awful thing on the x360 controller

  • Thanks for the replies. And thanks for the info about the 360 controller. I went to my local store to get an OEM 360 and DS3. But they were sold out of both. So I got an OEM Wii U Pro instead. This controller seems to work well (the other one I had was a clone). It reconnects reliably and I don't seem to get any misfires on the dpad. The joystick placement is odd though - it gets in the way of the buttons a little on fighting games. I still may get a DS3 to compare.

  • Anyone tried a Mad Catz Xbox 360 wired fight pad?
    It is really gret to play fighting games, but I could not make LT an RT shoulders buuttons to work, and the menu button (xbox button keeps blinking all the time).
    alt text

  • Well, I ended up buying two more wii u pro controllers for a total of three. They really work great. They connect each time with no problem. I have not had to pair them multiple times. They require no changes to the default recalbox.config.

    We have played several three-controller games such as guantlet, mario kart and super smash brothers and had no problems.

    So the recommendation of this recalbox noob is the wii u pro controller. Be sure to get an OEM one - not a knock-off. They are a bit pricey, but the last two I got were refurbs from ebay and they look and work great.

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