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  • I use a 360 wireless and wired controllers with the xboxdrv enabled and it all works ok. Can I configure each system controls individually? For megadrive and gameboys etc the controls are fine, but for nes and snes the A and B need to be swapped over as well as the X and Y for it to map like a real snes controller. Its a shame coz its as though A on the 360 controller is always mapped to A on all controllers yet A is in different locations on different systems, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right. Please help 🙂

  • All your controls are swapped and it's expected behaviour because when you configured your controller you didn't follow the snes buttons layout. Here is the link which said:"Buttons names are based on the Super Nintendo controller" You can also read this:

  • Oh hahahahaha I'm a moron lol Thanks for the info, I shall be opening my 360 controller and moving the buttons to resemble the snes then remap them correctly.

  • Hey guys, I also have a question concerning this matter. While at Super Mario World (SNES) u run with "Y" (left button), jump with "B" (bottom button) and spin-jump with "A" (right button), in Super Mario Bros. (NES) you run with "B" (left button) and jump with "A" (right button). For SNES everything is configured fine but when playing NES, I would like to run with "Y" and jump with "B" because i'm familiar with using the left button (in this case "Y") to run and the right button (in this case "B") to jump. Is it possible to switch that for each console individually? Thanks in advance and sorry for the naming-chaos 😉

  • I agree with Luub ^^ It would be nice to have a simple cfg toggle, or even option menu toggle to set if user prefers the down+right or left+down buttons for two button systems... Hmm, I wonder how difficult it would be to simply alter the controller config script(s) to automatically set the controls the way the user wants for each system so that it doesn't have to be done manually every time a controller is added/reconfigured.

  • I figured out how to change button mapping for each emulator: While in a game in that emulator, press hotkey+B to access Retroarch config. Remap the buttons here (changing Y to B and B to A, etc.). Save to a new config file (the path where it is saved will be displayed briefly). Edit recalbox.conf adding a line for the emulator/config file you just created (example: nes.configfile=/path/to/my/configfile.cfg). Now, when that emulator is started, the cfg file with your custom button mappings will be loaded.

  • Hi there Sam. Need help with how to save button configuration to each system. My recalbox.conf looks like this:   ## If you do not want recalboxOS to generate the configuration for the emulator : ;snes.configfile=/path/to/my/configfile.cfg ;nes.configfile=/recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/fceunext_libretro-3.cfg   The last line is the one I insert. What could be wrong? Thanks.

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    remove the ; (it's commenting the line)

  • thanks Voljega, it works ??? Now the next question: I've tried some configs, but cannot set my neogeo to AES Mode. Any tips???

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  • Hello Acris I have to change settings for every, but it works. Thanks

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