None of the emulators will boot up games in emulation station (x86 both versions)

  • Hardware: modded asus chromebox cn-60. Dual core celeron 2955u with 4 GB DDR3L RAM and 32 GB SanDisk usb stick as boot usb. 256 gb usb 3.0 SanDisk thumb drive for the roms and isos. Recalbox and emulation station see the games in the list just fine, even see the scraped Metadata but when i go to launch a game, screen goes black and bounces me back out to es. Figured it was the wrong resolution setting for the nes/snes/genesis emulators. None of the other ones work either. Only sole one working is the n64 one. Any idea what i should change in the configuration file to get the others back up and running? I have a hunch it's the resolution settings there. Just need to know the right ones to edit. Thanks in advance.

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    @Shockwave Hello, recalbox.remix is a fork and thus not supported by recalbox team, no support will be given for it

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