HDMI CEC Control?

  • I was wondering what the possibilities would be for integrating GUI navigation in Recalbox via a TV remote over HDMI CEC? I was delighted to discover my TV remote works when I boot up Kodi through Recalbox, but currently I still need my joypad to load Kodi - would help me (and my less computer-literate girlfriend) if we could use our TV remote in both just for simple navigation functions! It's a luxury thing but it would be cooooool 😄

  • Hello indeed this could be a great feature. An issue is open on the recalbox's github. Recalbox is using emulationstation as frontend, so the modification must be done directly on this software. But if you want to load Kodi without your gamepad. You can boot Kodi on the recalbox startup. You have juste to edit your recalbox.conf.

  • Aha, yes I had only just discovered the github. I will look into booting Kodi on startup too. Thanks!

  • Has this been implemented yet? It would be great if we could use the TV remote over HDMI CEC to control the recalbox menus.

  • Sup Guys. Sorry for the necrobumping here. My TV supports HDMI-CEC, and when I turn on the Raspberry PI with the TV on standby, the TV is also turned on "magically" 🙂

    However, since the github issue does not exist, I ask: Is there a configuration i can do to send "cec standby" while powering off Recalbox? (power off is being done by GPIO5+6 push button).

  • OK. Gotta get this thing working so, i've made a custom.sh for this.

    1 - Create the /recalbox/share/system/custom.sh script
    2 - Enable executable bit with chmod +x /recalbox/share/system/custom.sh
    3 - vi /recalbox/share/system/custom.sh and paste the following contents on it:

    recallog "Custom.sh to handle cec-client tv standby"
    case "$1" in
                    recallog "Turn off the TV"
                    echo standby 0 | cec-client -s -d 1 &
                    recallog "Do nothing. custom.sh will only execute during shutdown"
    exit $?

    @Bkg2k , @paradadf . What do you think of a specific daemon to deal with this and read a recalbox.conf parameter(something like global.video.autooff=1) ? I think i could do it 🙂

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