Need Help PS4 Controller

  • I was able to pair my ps4 with my rpi B but now that I have a rpi2 with the same latest version of recalbox, I cant get it to stay connected. It pairs and then quickly disconnects. On my rpi, I created a startup script to basically just pair it so I would just have to put my Dualshock 4 ps4 controller in pair mode and it would connect I would love to do the same for the rpi2 but no luck Any ideas? Thanks!

  • I had no problems with the PS4 controller and followed the same process I did with the PS3 controller. However, when configuring the keys not all are recognized meaning if you set it up like a PS3 controller you have no buttons left for the hotkey. I have been advised to set L2/R2 buttons to the L3/R3 buttons (pushing down on the joystick) and not use the L2/R2 buttons at all. This then leaves a button spare for the hotkey. I haven't tried this myself, however, it may help. 🙂

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