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  • I've been looking at some of the builds here and there's some amazing work. I was looking to make something the size of a Mini PC which would contain a Pi/XU4, a SSD, Power Switch and maybe some extra USB ports. Any advice on finding a suitable case for such a project? There doesn't seem to be anything specifically catered towards the pi..

  • a SSD on a pi3 is a total waste, it just handles USB2

    no powerswitch on the XU4, the board itself has a button to turn it on

  • Thanks for the reply, I was thinking about getting this case to house my project, would i be able to use the power switch and USBs built into the case through the GPIO? I'm sure this will take some modding but is it possible with the guides for On/Off Switches available here?

  • Hi,

    You can use GPIO to add a power switch, just use gpio 1 and 12 alt text

    I dont know how USB is set on your case, but you can use 2 USB extension cable.

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