Moving games to the Pi 0

  • Hi all,

    So I have Recalbox set up on my Pi 0. I don't have any games at the moment though because I am unsure how to transfer them across to the Pi. The normal solution of transferring the files across a network is a bit trickier because the Pi 0 doesn't come with WiFi. Does anyone know of a solution to either A) Transfer the Roms another way? or B) Get WiFi working. I have a WIFI USB dongle, but it seems a lot of configuration is required and I am not that technical.


  • Hi,

    The best and only way is to use network. Trying to put roms on the SD itself requires Linux + a little knowledge of linux permissions

    So, as of recalbox 4.0 that doesn't reconfigure network on the fly, you must :

    • either boot with a ethernet usb, transfert your roms
    • either set wifi with a usb keyboard, poweroff, plug yuor wifi dongle, reboot, and transfert through network

    Having a USB hub may come handy 😉

  • I have the same situation, I open my SD in linux, but the folder Share is empty ever ;//
    If I put my roms in Share_int and recovery the recalbox will work?

  • @bilwzera oh glad to see you, i didn't have time to answer you on IRC.

    In your case : the file structure is in the SHARE partition (the 3rd one in fact), not the /recalbox/share folder on the RECALBOX labelled partition

  • I have 3 partitions (boot, root and SETTINGS), I don't have partition labelled RECALBOX,

    sorry for my english ;///

  • Are you using an embed sdcard reader on your PC ?
    I had this kind of issue with a laptop. I had need to use an USB card reader to see the /share partition.

  • @rockaddicted , perfect, I use embed sdcard in notebook, i've try your sugestion (USB card reader) and the partition is visible, put my roms in this partition and I'll test later.

    Thank you for help @rockaddicted and @Substring

    If this solution work I reply here 🙂

  • Hi guys, this solution works for me, I am very happy with the help of this forum.

    @rockaddicted, @Substring thanks guys, I really appreciate your help.

  • @bilwzera A happy user makes a happy community 🙂

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