Up and running just a couple of niggles...

  • Hey guys,

    Just moved over from Retropie as quite frankly I am fed up of the tinkering and I wanted something more plug and play.

    Recalbox has worked a treat but I have a couple of outstanding issues which I just can't seem to crack.

    1. Can't seem to figure out how to use Dual Shock (Analog sticks) on the PSX emulator. I have tried creating a custom config in Retroarch but I only have the option for Retropad or Retropad w/Analog (No Dual Shock).
    2. I have large black boarders around N64 games which for whatever reason I can't remove? Tried changing the Recalbox config for N64 to fullscreen mode but didn't work.

    Any help appreciated! Thanks!

  • Hi dear switcher 🙂

    1. Analog sticks do work. What precisely do you want to do ?
    2. N64 is output at 640x480. If you're playing on a tv, maybr your tv isn't set to stretch the image ? The fullscreen option won't help (yet ?) cuz of a bug we had in the sound plugin. We should have a closer look at yhat in recalbox 4.1

  • Hi Substring,

    For Playstation there is a Dual Shock controller available which certain games support. By default Recalbox seems to map the D-Pad to the left analog stick. For instance in Gran Turismo 2 there is an option to enable Dual Shock which lets you use the left analog for modular steering and the right for modular throttle/brake. Also enable the vibration.

    I think doing it on Retropie was like this:
    pcsx_rearmed_pad1type = "analog"
    pcsx_rearmed_pad2type = "analog"

    Do I add those lines to the Recalbox config?

    I'm glad the N64 thing is an issue - I think it must be down to my TV.

  • @BuToNz We do not work like retropie. What you should do is duplicate your ~/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom/cfg and add your retroarch options in it, then add to recalbox.conf psx.configfile=/path/to/your/custom.retroarch.cfg with -of course- a real filename

  • @Substring

    Perfect, that worked a treat. Analog now working, I assume vibration doesn't though?

    I've got a couple of NES30 Pro controller on order so I guess I won't need the vibration 🙂

    Really love how simple the setup and interface is in Recalbox, no features I really miss.

  • @BuToNz I'm glad a switcher doesn't regret lol
    Anyway, if this option is pcsx_rearmed specific, it might just be set in the default retroarch config file ...
    @rockaddicted what do you think about it ?

  • @Substring It did work in Retropie so must be possible? Pretty sure when I enabled Analog in Retropie the vibration just started working without need to change anything else.

  • @BuToNz That could be a specific retroarch option, never really investigated this

  • The last time that we tried to activate by default the analog mod on PSX, we had a problem.
    All games released on PSX before the "dualshock gamepads" was no more playables. No more controls was recognized until you goes in retroarch menu to deactivate this option. At least, with this option deactivated by default, every games (analog or not) have controls recognized.

    But this core has been updated upstream about the gamepad management (added rumble, multitap support, etc...)
    So we'll try that again during the 4.1 development.

  • On the original dual shock controller there was a button to activate the analogy option. Perhaps we can have a hotkey combination?

    You are right though, the older games I need to go into retroarch and deactivate analog.

  • Ok so if there haven't had modification about this point, seen that this option is game specific... I think that we'll let it disabled by default. I prefer to have a partially recognized controls in all psx game (only sticks unavailable) rather than having 0 controls in first PSX games and full controls in dualshock games.
    Then, let user manually switch this option to analog, in retroarch menu when he wants to use this mod.

    About the an hk combination, this is a core option, so not available by default in the "hotkey shortcuts" of retroarch. It could be hard to use this combination.

    So, if we wanted to use an automatic switch about the analog mod, we should be oblige to define all games released before 2000 (the first dualshock gamepad available) in a "black list" to don't activate this option with theses games.

  • Well I've had mine up and running for a while now. Successfully scraped and renamed all ROMS - however, I've now ran out of space! What is the best method to move to another (Larger) SD Card without losing all the configuration I've already done?

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