recover mame tab key for mame menu

  • i was messing around with the tab/menu for mame, some how i put my R button on my controller as well as Tab that both were opening the tab/menu for mame. i pressed enter on the key for tab in the mame menu and hit escape twice to clear it like i have done with other mappings.

    now i have locked myself out of the mame menu 😞 as tab wont' even bring it up? is there a cfg file somewhere for mame that i can ssh in and fix to get this working again?

  • That happened to me too, but never found which file does it ... Try deleting ~/configs/retroarch/retroarchcustom.cfg. But it might as well be elsewhere

  • I have the same problem, any solution??
    Best regards

  • Il faut supprimer /recalbox/roms/mame/mame2003/cfg/default.cfg puis rebooter. Ce fichier est accessible par réseau dans \\recalbox\share\roms\mame\mame2003\cfg\

  • @substring
    You´ve saved my life! I had changed/erased the start key in Mame and I couldnt play any game. Buf!!! Thanks to you, sir, that´s history!
    Thanks a lot!! I owe you a beer!

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