Recalbox 7.0

All Roms crash / don't load and return me to console

  • Roms crash and return to the console screen.

    I am using a raspberry pi 3 b. I have the recalbox 3 os loaded with recalbox v4 loaded. HDMI to 1920x1080 screen. n64 ROMS will load correctly.

    Is there a way to reset my recalbox os to the factory defaults without wiping the card? I have another os installed on the card.

    I am thinking I should just get another sd card specifically for the recalbox os...

    Any help from the recalbox community would be greatly appreciated.


  • Well, i have this problemas once, the sd or pendrive is corrupted, maybe because you power off the console wrong.
    The solució had to format and reinstall.
    Sabe your games, saves, and bios, and reinstall

  • @jasonb i don't understand anything to your recalboxOS version 😮

  • @Substring

    When i uploaded the recalbox onto the sd card I had to choose the recalbox os for the raspberry pi model.

    I chose "recalboxOS-rpi3" for the installation because I have the raspberry pi rev3 b board.

  • @8bit_astronaut

    Thanks for the advice. I was kinda thinking this was the issue.

    Did some of the ROMS work and some didnt??

  • I just reset my pi and now all of the roms are working again.
    Thanks for the advice, I wish the card wasn't corrupted and that I used another card for recalbox only.

  • You never should hve chosen your pi version ... This is supposed to be autodetected

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