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  • Hi,

    I have done a lot of search on recabox's website and google but I couldn't find a solution... or I missed something.

    My problem was when I had one file per CD (.bin). Let's take for example Resident Evil 2 which has one CD per character: when you finish CD1 you must save your pogress and load this save after launching the PSX with CD2. Make sure you understand CD1 is not asking you to insert CD2, it's not that kind, CD2 is just a way to start a new adventure using a save from CD1. Because of Recalbox Save management, when I was launching CD2 I couldn't see the save from CD1, so unable to progress.

    I did some search and ended up with the eboot solution using PSX2PSP. I had no problem to combine CD1 and 2 in one single file which I can load into Recalbox, still with no issue.

    I thought this was great because saves for each CD will be part of a unique save file for both CDs, this was going to be a hourraaaa! ... unless ... mmh wait: how do I load CD2 from that .PBP file?

    Well, here the thing: I have resolved my multi disc save issue... but I can't find a way to load CD2. I have read how to change the CD on that page: but it does not help: Recalbox uses reARMed (r22) for me and it seems the explanation here is to have 1 file per CD since they say to go find the file for CD2 right after ejecting CD1.

    So first I read to build an eboot file to merge 2 CDs, then I read to have 1 file per CD... confusing isn't it?

    I have thought about having one file per CD and renaming the save file to the file name of CD2, I guess it will work and CD2 will find CD1's save, but I don't want to edit files and stuff, I want recalbox to stay simple, I want a single pbp file for all CDs and all savegames in the same virtual memory card for that game. That's what I want to believe is possible. Could you confirm it is?


  • Hi,

    I'm back with more info.

    I noticed reARMed (r22) offers a way to change the CD within its menu while game is running cf. image below:

    (don't pay attention to the background image "Please insert PS CD-ROM", I took a quick photo after the issue already occurred, not in the right order)

    In order to change the disk, we need to open the tray (select "Disk Cycle Tray Status") then move up to Disk Index and change it to 1 or 2, then, move down to close the tray.

    After doing this, I go back in the menu and choose "restart" (or reboot, don't remember exactly), then "resume". I instantly get the PS1 logos and jingles like in the old time and 9 times out of 10 I get the following screen:


    Almost got it...

    Should I log an issue or am I doing something wrong?


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  • I think I finally found a way working 100% of the time.

    Recalbox instructions will need to be updated/corrected though. Should I raise an issue? Send an email?

    Here is how to do: when you open the tray and change the CD then close the tray, you must resume the game. From the game go back to the emulator menu (yes, again) and select reboot then finally resume.

    The game will reboot on the last CD put in the tray, congratulations.

    The problem happens when you don't go back to the game after changing the CD before restarting. I don't know why it's that complicated but hey that's the only way I found. I would still call it an issue though. The most logical way would be to change the CD, close the tray and select restart right after. Not going back to the game then going back to the menu to restart.

  • Hi @Ozwel, you can raise an issue on this on GitHub.

  • @ozwel I know this is some kind of necrobumping but, take a look at this Eta Prime video tutorial:

    He is using RetroPie, but it is just a matter of using the same instructions to map the "Disk Eject Toggle", "Next Disk" and "Previous Disk".

    This is the kind of config that could be set by default at Recalbox psx core to make it more awesome 🙂

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