External flash drive causing start up issues?

  • Hi everyone.

    The other day my copy of recalbox got stuck at the loading screen (black screen with the recalbox logo)
    I tried reseting it a few times and got the same issue. I did another reset, held shift and decided to reinstall Recalbox.

    If was all working fine with the new install. I went into settings and selected my usb flash drive which has my roms on it. Recalbox went and reboot the original problem started again. So I went back reinstalled Recalbox but this time I didn't select the USB flash drive in the settings. Instead I just tried rebooting and turning it on and off just to see if it would boot up properly, which it did.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue or if you think a USB flash drive could be causing this kind of problem?


  • @eb2016 plug you USB stick un windiws and run a checkdisk. Linux is much more picky than windows concerning partitions not unmounted safely

  • Awesome! that fixed it. I think it must of happened when I turned off the Pi3 earlier. Also it was a cheap flash drive so not surprised this happened. Will be picking up a nice ScanDisk one shortly to use instead.

  • @eb2016 savage reboots or poweroffs cause such side effects, it's not a matter of pricy usb key. There is no.auto fsck (the linux checkdisk) on recalbox (yet)

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