How to delete roms and update gamelist.xml correctly?

  • Guys, I recently deleted everything from my SD card and started from scratch with the latest version of Recalbox, but I have many roms and scraps that I saved, as well as the gamelist.xml that I also saved.

    The problem is that I put so much roms in it (about 3500, especially PSX, MAME, Capcom and NeoGeo) and the shutdown is taking 20 minutes! Its so much that I'm using fastshutdown or pulling out the cable when I need to restart it because otherwise it will take a full day to do every updates that I need.

    My doubts are:

    • What happens if I delete the gamelist.xml? Does it automatically renew itself with the roms that I did not delete?

    • For example: I will no longer play the games of the Virtual Boy emulator. Can I delete all the contents of the folder without any problems?

    • If I have to update the gamelist.xml manually, is it better to do directly through the root file or through EmulaStation, deleting one by one?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Never pull out the cable you may destroy your sd...

    . Gamelist.xml won't regenerate itself if you delete it
    . You can erase the full content of a rom folder, gamelist.xml included but not the folder itself (virtualboy in that case)
    . It's better to edit gamelist.xml manually because doing it with ES is pretty slow on a game by game basis

    Also you don't really need to edit gamelist.xml when removing games, tgey just won't show in ES. Although if yoy want to keep the gamelist file neat it is better

  • Thanks for your replpy @voljega .

    If I delete the roms but do not edit gamelist.xml, my reboot and shutdown speed will increase?

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    @FAGUDES I think so but I'm not really sure and it seems logical that it would be even faster by cleaning your gamelist.xml... Try it ?

  • @voljega All right. I come back later with results.

  • @voljega I deleted the systems I was not going to use and now the shutdown takes only 10 seconds. I did not even need to update gamelist.xml to get infinitely faster.

    I guess it was the volume of roms anyway.

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