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For information, Screenscraper website is currently down. All the Screenscraper staff is aware of this issue. Until it's solved, you won't be able to scrap from Recalbox or Skraper. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Pour information, le site internet de Screenscraper est actuellement en panne. Toute l'équipe de Screenscraper est consciente de ce problème. Tant qu'il ne sera pas résolu, vous ne pourrez pas scraper depuis Recalbox ou Skraper. Veuillez nous excuser pour le dérangement.

The Recalbox Team.

A suggestion regarding custom splash screens

  • Guys, I was wondering about custom splash screen videos on Recalbox. Yeah, I know, most people who ask for this are the ones expecting to be able to hide the Recalbox name and sell it, which I find despicable. And I assure you that this isn’t my case.

    Even knowing about how this suggestion may look like to the developers, I was interested in this because I have a ridiculous amount of nostalgia linked to the PSX boot sequence. I would love to put it on my Recalbox setup since PSX is the system that I play the most. I’m even working on a PlayStation shell to house my Raspberry Pi and this makes my desire of using Sony’s intro even more hard to dismiss.

    My solution and idea would be some way of letting people set splash screen effects that would only play after the Recalbox logo. I’m not that hardcore about Linux to say if this is possible, or even if it is something you guys think it’s worth having available, but I think it would be pretty cool to let people do this. In the last days, I saw some very nice videos on YouTube made for the RetroPie.

    To be clear, I have a lot of respect about your work and my intentions are legitimate. I even tested RetroPie again, since it’s possible to do this on that system relatively easy, but the hassle to make it work well with my controllers, TV and all is so overwhelming (not to say crazily obtuse) that I came back to Recalbox in half hour with more appreciation about what you are doing.

  • Hey,

    I'll try not to sound despicable, so forgive my tone if I sound a bit rude. We won't "ease" the customization of recalbox concerning anything visual. As you said, we won't give a stick to be beaten with ...

    Now recalbox is open source ...

    Moreover, there has been quite too much worldwide rebranding (including from some people we entrusted) for any open source project lately (recalbox, retroarch itself quite many times, etc ...), so this really turned us off to help for such customizations

  • @subs I was expecting an answer like this and don't be sorry, there isn't anything rude about your tone. I'd be pretty pissed if someone rebranded my work in order to make money with it.

    But I had to suggest it because as I said, I think it'd be awesome to have more customization options, provided that those options couldn't be explored by thieves.

  • This post is deleted!

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