LIbretro uae4arm

  • Themer

    Didn't test it, but there seems to be a uae4arm libretro version with a lot of work on it

  • there is already a libretro-uae core. Dunno what this one is worth, knowing uae4arm is a real pain to configure

  • Themer

    @subs uae4arm is not that much difficult to configure once you're into it... (At least in a basic way) and libretro-uae wasn't really on par with uae4arm in terms of performances and compatibility from what @ironic told me during our extensive test period last year

  • @voljega try to change F12 key to seomthing on the pad, or try to get rid of the keyboard and mouse ... This is what I call difficult :)

  • Themer


    Ok my bad I thought the libretro version could precisely allow us to get rid of the F12 button and use HK+Start instead ?

    And you can't get rid of keyboard and mouse, you need it on amiga on most games for passing trainers, launch game or play with mouse for those who need it (joystick controlled mouse is always crap).
    I know it because I tested the whole amiga library or so with UAE4ARM on the Pi2

  • @voljega my reply was concerning uae4arm. I know the mouse at least is mandatory. uae4arm lacks a mouse emulation on a "ps pad-like", with the mouse on a stick, buttons on the shoulders, and F12 as a SDL button. I don't know for the libretro version.

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