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  • I just started using Recalbox and think it's absolutely amazing! The only issue I have is I also use my RPi 3 to stream my ripped disc collection, including 3D iso's...and the version of Kodi that's bundled in doesn't support 3D iso playback. Is there any possible way to include the most recent version of Kodi in the next build? Here's what I've been using that works GREAT for streaming videos:

  • Hey,

    The full answer needs some little explanation about how recalbox is made ... It's based in buildroot, a minimalistic multi architecture linux building system. It's based on packages that describe software compilation. Most packages such as kodi are provided by the buildroot team and don't depend on us. At every new version we start, we update all packages from.buildroot. so we can't easily update a kodi version. Recalbox 4.1 has kodi 16 i think, that's all i can say. And don't ask for any ETA for 4.1 :)

  • Thank you for your response! Sounds like recalbox won't get 3D iso support until the official build of Kodi 17 is ready, which won't be for a few months. Oh well, until then, I'll just swap between two MicroSD cards, based on which OS I want.

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