Recalbox 7.0

Spash screen

  • hello everybody,
    i am looking for a way to change the boot video (like you can change it in retro pie) in the recalbox
    anyone knows if at least is possible?
    thanks 😄

  • Sort of, you can find the black splash screen image here:


    and change that one, but the white one I'm pretty certain you'd have to compile yerself. I don't know about getting a video to work, but if you can it's going to be much more involved than replacing a file like in retropie.

    Little side note- these guys are super nice, friendly, and helpful. I'm not saying deleting their splash makes you a baddie, but you might want to think about leaving a little something that says recalbox somewhere bud. Ya know out of respect for their hard work and all.

  • @otaola-franc If you're expecting to resell recalbox, don't expect any help from us, but trouble

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