how to get 4.1?

  • hello... I've been searching since yesterday and find it hard to get to try version 4.1 of recalbox.

    I know it's still unstable but wanted to try it

    ----delete link ------

    And thought I can use recalbox rescue... but reading how to use recalbox rescue, I can't seem to find share.tar.xz...

    any help? I might have missed something...

  • We are not providing any 4.1 image so far. If you want it so bad, you can compile it yourself. But we won't give any support until it officially hits the unstable branch

  • Banned

    I'm guessing you're not close enough to give an estimate on when that might happen?

  • Yo @Dinierto, @subs is as close as it gets, when it comes to developing recalbox. Same goes for a few other people mit Moderator tag and Team award ;)

    And to answer the second part of your question: the first 4.1 beta will be released "shortly" after the release of the 4.0 stable, which will be very soon.

  • soon is a very subjective definition :D

  • Indeed @subs :)

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