How to install Overlays (borders)

  • First of all, hello everyone 🙂

    I recently bought a Raspberry Pi, installed Recalbox some weeks ago and I am enjoying it A LOT! I am always trying to improve my retro-gaming experience and I just found out about overlay (borders). See example here.

    However, I couldn't find on the internet a consise, clear tutorial about how to install/configure overlays on Recalbox. I am still a confused noob about all these terminologies on the retromachine emulation world and how things work in the back-end.

    So I am writing now to ask if someone could teach me how to install and configure overlays in the system. My idea is: One 'general' old-tv-like overlay for table consoles like SNES, Mega Drive, PS1, N64, etc and different overlays for GB, GBA, NeoGeo (Libretro). Is it possible to do that?

    Also, I'd like to apply some shaders to improve the CRT experience.

    If someone help me to do that, I am willing to write down a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots of how to do that, so noob people like me won't have a hard time to do the same. I can write this tutorial in both English and Brazilian Portuguese.


  • First of all : overlays will be supported in the next version : 4.1
    Some very basic shaders can be set in the emationstation menu

  • Uhn... Do you have any idea about how this support will be? Will it be like 'drag-and-drop' overlays into a folder or we'll have to edit config files as well?
    Also, any release date yet?

    Regarding shaders, I found out how to activate and config some 'advanced' ones on the Hotkey+B menu.

  • I know as i'm the one who added this feature

    You need your background image +1 or 2 (i think it's 2) cfg files that set the overlay and configure it. It was done according to some existing overlays set

  • Wow, overlays would be a great adiction to recalbox! I'm still wating for this improvement!

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