configuring games that freeze.

  • I'm just curious how y'all go about handling a game that freeze on you. I'm trying to get The Nightmare before Christmas for GBA to work, it freeze at the title screen, but I'd rather not unplug it every time I want to see if changing the default emulator or some such is going to work.

    Can I just mess about with retroarch and es on my PC first or does recalbox's version have too many changes for that to be worth my time? Is it actually risky to unplug the system while it's running a rom, or am I worried for no good reason?

  • Why dont you try a different core ? Once on your game (in ES) press select, edit metadata, changebthe default emulatir to libretro and then you can switch your core.

    Can you still ssh to your recalbox when it's frozen ? If yes, do it and type killall -9 retroarch

  • My wording was poor, sorry, but I think you nailed it all the same. I am changing the core, my problem is what do I do when I'm wrong about the core. with this one in particular I went from default to MGBA and it still froze, so I went from MGBA to GPSP and it worked. Great, awesome, but to get there I froze the system twice and unplugged a frozen system twice, not so awesome.

    Since then I started using Putty to remotely shutdown the system, but i'll use this command if it's better for the system to.

    Next time I'll just flatly ask "how do you remotely shutdown". I don't mean to muddy up the issue with conversation I'm just trying to give y'all the clearest explanation of my experiences and I guess I'm pretty bad at that. That's my bad, y'all're awesome and thanks for taking the time to help me.

  • @marchegiano whichever question you asked, they are solved i guess now 🙂

  • The same problem I had faced twice. When asked for help, my friend said: You should always do research before buying the game, installation requirement is very important if we do not do it correctly the game may not work or you may later lose your data. You can find more about games and their installations from the buyer or research about it on online stores.

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