How To Reverse Scrape Cover Art Images From Deleted Roms?

  • The scrapping functionality works great when I have ROMs present in each of the emulator folders. But from time to time I remove roms from their respective folders by connecting to Recalbox from my Windows PC through my network.

    But I noticed that I need to remind myself to be diligent and manually remove the cover art images from the associated deleted rom files.

    Can the developers enhance the Scraping functionality so that it cross references the cover art images FIRST to see if the associated rom game is present on the system, and if not, to delete the cover art. If a person has a few rom games, that I can understand to do it manually. But if you have hundreds and hundreds of roms for a specific emulator, then it becomes a logistical nightmare to maintain.

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    @tdelios It don't think it wise it would mean that everytime you make a error in your manual scrape your image and gamelist.xml part related to the not found game would be deleted and you would have to do it all over again.
    Besides as not found games don't appear in EmulationStation and images are so small compared to modern SD cards, USB sticks or HDD it's not really an issue.

    It's also simpler to do your scrape once you have manually remove every game you didn't want than doing before

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