PS4 Controller - Mostly works but...

  • I have plugged in a PS4 controller with limited success. I'm able to get it recognised via BlueTooth, however, when going through the configuration I cannot complete it because there are not enough recognised buttons. All buttons except the following are recognised: The Playstation button. Joystick push buttons. Joystick 2 (right side) axis. Touchpad push button If at least one of those buttons can be recognised Recallbox will support PS4 controllers 🙂

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    Hi @nickdj it may comes from the kernel driver.

  • Here is my thinking. The PS4 controller was fine up until the very last option (hotkey) but I didn't have an option to somehow skip it at which stage I assume it would have saved the settings? Would it be possible to press 'esc' on the keyboard to skip a button press? The PS4 controller was secondary to a PS3 controller so a hotkey wasn't vital. This may give some options to those who play games using controllers which don't have all buttons and/or games which don't require them. 🙂

  • Hi nickdj, In recalbox controller setup I mapped L2R2 to the DualShock4's L3R3 (pressing down the analog stick) You can use the touchpad or the PSHome button as the hotkey. Just avoid using the L2R2 on the DualShock4 and everything runs fine.

  • Many thanks. Will be nice when the kernel driver is updated but this is a good temporary solution. Any thoughts on the idea of being able to skip buttons during controller configuration Retroboy? On my Thrustmaster Dual-Analogue, which I use as a secondary controller, it would be nice be able to skip/disable the hotkey. Other than the above reason this will also prevent the deliberate/accidental fast-forward, rewind, or quitting of a game if I'm winning! (laughs)

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