Recalbox 7.0

Moonlight Controller not working for some games

  • Hi, I am having some trouble getting the controller to work for some games. These are usually the ones where steam claims that they are highly dependent on a keyboard and mouse when actually a controller works fine, E.G. Pro Evoulution Soccer 2016.

    Set up recalconf to use xbox controller.
    Set up nvidia to run the game through shield and steam
    Recal rescrapped to pick up the game, but despite the two methods of playing the game, the controller wont work.

    I was thinking that they may be a way to override the xbox controller config for selective games to maybe use xpad config. Any ideas guys/gal?

  • Are you talking about moonlight ? The title is definitely not clear about that, nor your comment

  • Sorry, I am talking about moonlight streaming.

  • I've never had that issue among the small number of games i've tested. But i believe it's either a "game" problem, or how nvidia streams the pad to windows, but not how moonlight itself does its magic. You could confirm if you own a nvidia shield

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