Moonlight - Rayman cant play more than 2 players.

  • Hi

    I have had this issue with other builds including my on custom one where despite I have two registerd controllers, I can not play multiplayer. I am streaming Rayman Origins and Legends via moonlight players 1 is fine, players 2 doesnt work, but looking in rayman control settings, the buttons are mapped as I would expect. Playing directly on pc works fine.

    Has any had this issue or similar and managed to fix it?

    edit modo : modified title

  • your title should at least mention that this is a moonlight problem ...

    recalbox maps all (up to) 4 controllers for moonlight. I've been playing Ultra Street Fighter IV with my arcade stick plugged on recalbox, both players were working. Might be a game/streaming specific problem.

    Could you try while unplugging the pad on your pc ?

  • The controls are plugged into moonlight. Unplugging them just make the xbox button l.e.d. flash

    Running the game directly from PC with controls plugged into PC works fine.

    I guess this a moonlight issue then?

  • Unplug any controller from your pc !
    And no, this is no moonlight issue but a nvidia one

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