Map '2P Start' Button On 1P Arcade?

  • Hi All..

    Need some advice. I have a 1P arcade system. Which means I have only 1 joystick and 10 buttons that I can map anything to them.

    some MAME games like Frogger and Donkey Kong, it prompts me to press 1P or 2P if I have simulated the insertion of two or more quarters which is mapped to the 'Select' button in EmulationStation.

    I have successfully mapped the '1P Start' button, but how the heck can I map a '2P Start' button when that is not available in EmulationStation?

    Is that a technical limitation unless I get my hands on a arcade cabinet that has 2 sets of joysticks and buttons in which once I map a '2P Start' that games like Frogger and Donkey Kong will identify and allow 2 players to play?

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    @tdelios why would you play a 2P game with only 1P controls ??

    Besides mapping 2P start on 1P start would mean you couldn't play alone anymore.

    And off course it works fine if you have a second controller.

  • @voljega If you think about it, these 2 games (and many others), during the height of their popularity in the arcades, had only 1 joystick and set of buttons for their own dedicated arcade cabinet, but allowed 2 people to play in which the game allowed them to take turns (alternates) using the same joystick and buttons.
    I assumed that they Recalbox/Emulation station evolved enough that it would be the same because if I play the mame games on a single keyboard through my PC, mame games recognize my keyboard as a single control panel in which the mapped '1' and '2' keys respectably that will allow the ability to play 1P Start or 2P Start mode and mapped 1 set of directional joystick keys in which I don't need 2 sets of keyboards to do so.

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