Having To Re-Configure Arcade Joystick Periodically

  • I'm using the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 with a Xin-Mo and arcade (zippy) joystick and arcade buttons.

    one problem I noticed periodically, and even with the latest and previous versions of Recalbox is that periodically my joystick doesn't work. Its annoying that I have to locate my USB keyboard, plug it into my Raspberry Pi so that I can traverse through the Emulation Station menu to get to the controller setup and re-configure the joystick again before I unplug and store away the keyboard.
    Not sure what is causing it, but happens frequently enough that I keep the usb keyboard nearby.

    side note - I also noticed this problem when I use my playstation controllers from time to time as well.

    Can anybody advise what I may need to tweak or change to ensure joystick configuration is maintained.

  • there are no reasons you should reconfigure except if :

    • your es_input.cfg gets broken
    • your buttons change bus or events number

    If your pi is on the network, you can use the virtual gamepad to browse through the menus instead of plugging your keyboard

  • @subs my pi is on the network. How can I use the virtual gamepad to browse through the menus instead of plugging in my keyboard?

  • find your pi IP address, then http://IP:8080
    On a windows pc you can just http://recalbox:8080 or http://recalbox.local:8080 for linux and mac

  • @subs so I see the virtual keypad. So how does that help me again to re-configure the joystick without the use of a usb keyboard?

    second question. How does my es_input.cfg file get broken and which folder is it located (via Windows networking to the Recalbox) so that I can see what it looks like when the problem comes up again

  • the virtual gamepad just helps not to plug a keybooard to reconfigure, that's all

    es_input.cfg is located in ~/.emulationstation on the SD, or \\recalbox\share\system\.emulationstation through windows network shares

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