Can't pair bluetooth controller

  • Hello the community !

    So, i've installed recalbox few month ago. I've two bluetooth controller but i can't pair it. It's an SFC30 and NES30 from 8bitsdo. Those one works fine with the USB cable, but i can't use it in bluetooth wireless mode.

    In fact, asap i push the button inside the controller menu of Recalbox, i had a message on the screen "no controller found" I don't have any searching box or just searching time... directly no controller found.

    So, i can't pair the device for instance in my smartphone.

    How to check what's wrong... for instance if Recalbox manage well the bluetooth of my Raspberry 3 model B ?

  • I think you expected the pi3 internal bt to work ? Wait for 4.1

  • That means this internal Bluetooth was for now not supported by Recalbox ?

  • Indeed. Long story short : the pi3 bt works with a minimum system bt stack version tjat we didn't (and couldn't) meet at the moment. And the switch was painful ...

  • @subs Arf... and what about 4.1 recalbox release ?
    The one who also support C64 as i remember... =[

  • The first unstable should hit tge sgelves shortly after the stable 4.0.0

  • Banned

    I'm glad I found this thread. I was thinking of buying a Bluetooth dongle but if built in support is being added I will wait.

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