reset prboom's config? dual-stick controls?

  • Hi, I wanted to customize Doom's control scheme and somehow ended up with a broken config. I can no longer confirm a menu option, in other words I can no longer even access the Options menu...

    How can I revert Doom's settings to recalbox's default settings?
    Any help is appreciated!

    BTW is it even possible to have forward/backward/strafe left/strafe left on the left analogue stick and rotate left/rotate right on the right analogue stick of my gamepad?

  • Hmm, nevermind, I figured out, that I just have to delete roms/prboom/prboom.cfg, it is then automatically regenerated with the default config.

    Anyway, is there a way to achieve a control scheme inspired by dual stick shooters as described in my original post?

  • Tbh, no idea, never digged on the prboom side

  • Banned

    @tuxophil not sure, but I think the right analog stick in general is not configurable nor usable on recalbox

  • @voljega
    I'm not so sure about that: I'm using a Logitech F710 and the initial controller setup asked me to configure both analogue axes of the right stick. So at least in the general recalbox setup it's usable. (In 3.2.11 which I used previously this wasn't the case, so maybe it's new in the 4.0-betas.)

  • @tuxophil what you want is something "different" from the standard config. I wouldn't say it's not possible, but i didn't look how to do that

    Edit : it's a libretro core, so you can use the custom config tweaks, and change your pad to Retropad w/ Analog

  • @subs
    In the meantime I tried to change libretro's (retroarch?) config (Hotkey+B), but it didn't work out:

    There were different actions listed (like strafe left, shoot, dpad-left, etc.) which I then reconfigured very minimalistically: I modified dpad-left and dpad-right (right stick) as well as strafe left and right (left stick) and put shoot and use on the shoulder buttons.

    Unfortunately this didn't work as intended: left stick left suddenly made the character move left and strafe left at the same time. What's worse, I couldn't revert the settings since now I could no longer confirm menu entries in libretro's built-in GUI even though I didn't remap any of the A,B,X,Y buttons. Really strange. (I didn't save the config to disk, so simply restarting prboom fixed it.)

    I'd probably have to wade through all the docs in order to gain some understanding of all the intervening input translation layers (physical -> recalbox's SNES-inspired mapping -> libretro -> core). It seems daunting. At least it shows how great the team's work on all the integration stuff works in practice: all/most games are perfectly playable with only one centralized controller setup. Well done!

    Still if anyone could point me in the right direction... 😉
    I'll promise to write a mini-howto if I get it work.

    I'll have a look at "Retropad w/ Analog". I think by default something about a "Retropad" was mentioned in libretro's GUI.

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