Keymapping for two Player

  • Hello,

    after a long way of searching a resolution for my problem i now ask here. I try to run a recalbox on a raspberry pi 3 with a self made usb encoder. The usb encoder is a Arduino Leonardo who register that a button is pressed and send over usb a normal key from a keyboard to the raspberry. For one player there is no problem but i not found a way how to configure the keymap on the recalbox for the second player.

  • Dude,

    Keyboards are evil on recalbox, we don't supoprt them. The only "thing" that could help you is the xarcade2joystick driver. See

  • At first thank you for help. But why keyboard is evil. What other way i can control and programm my self made gamepad on my carbinet?

  • As i said, we don't handle keyboards. That means that our magic configgen doesn't handle keyboards, but only gamepads.

    Your solutions :

    • either program your arduino so that the keystrikes sent are the one xarcade2joystick handles
    • either program your arduino so that it sends gamepads events ->ème-de-touches-recalbox-picade could help. If google translate is bad, know that the topic is about reprogramming a picade (looks like it's using a Leonardo) with gamepads events, and that it succeeded

  • Okay, programm the Leonardo like a Gamepad will help me. Thank you.

    But by the why, i'm wondering that there is no support for keyboard. On the official Recalbox website there are pictures from self made cabinets. The all handle the buttons without keyboard commands?

  • ? I see no keyboard. Well, you can use a keyboard for some configuration steps (cheevos user/pass, wifi settings etc ...). Th ekeyboard may also work in some cases, but the real recalbox mojo that makes any pad working in ES configured for whichever emulator doesn't handle keyboards.

    For example : ESC would quit mupen, but that's a built-in mupen feature, not a recalbox one

  • Okay i think of my bad english there some mistakes. I dont use a real keyboard i only use a Arduino who send keyboard commands like KEY_ARROW_UP for the joystick. I use normal arcade buttons and joystick that wired with the Arduino. There must be a way to handle two players with my configuration or not?

  • The only way would be to have your keyboard sending keys handled by xarcade2joystick. See the above link i gave you. Reprogramming the Leonardo for 2 players output will create some other problem in fact, so i wouldn't recommend it.

  • Okay, and using the gpio from the arduino is a good Way?

  • Can't tell, i don't know how it works

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