3.3.0 Release

  • Yeah, same here. XD That's why i decided to ask, this lack of information is starting to bugging me a little 😕

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    https://github.com/digitalLumberjack/recalbox-os/milestones/v3.3.0 Pals ! No release before all issues are closed. You can watch the github repository and you will have all informations on the progression of the 3.3.0. All informations are here, why do you just ignore them ?

  • Hi Retroboy! I have been to that page but I really don't find that very readable . If I take a topic for example "Add shaders to Retroarch" and I go into that folder there is nothing to read. But on this blog you posted some shots and than I understand what you are building and how its coming along. But most off all I am just looking forward to get my hands on it and hope to hear something about a release date. I really love Recalbox and think you are nearing perfection. I hope in the next update to get MSX and C64 to be actual playable with the controller. And the reason that I check this site daily was because on 23 mars you hoped to get him out within the week and I really wanted to be on it from day one you release it to the public. Now that you say that it will only come out when all issues are closed I feel that it can still takes months...? I will stop coming back here and check in once a month, its a bit frustrating waiting for something that is not coming. I thought it was further along. Thanks for all your work!

  • Well, looking at GitHub 3.30 is 47% complete, as posted by retroboy. Personally, I have no hurry in seen it finished: it's free, and the current version is already awesome. I too think that this project is nearly perfect. I would not worry, as I see that retroboy it's still actively working on it. Thanks, and please keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Up 73% Do you have a beta version we could try before the final release ? I'd like to give a try to the bluetooth support for nes30, FC30pro, SFC30, nes30pro (i bought the 4) 😛 Thanks for your work ! A lot of people watching your progress 🙂

  • Hello, when a beta version will be released, a post will be created. 😃

  • Do we get a new rpi kernel (firmware) update with 3.3.0? <del>Or must we use hexxeh's rpi update?</del>

  • Are there any nightly builds?

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    Hello, no, there aren't.

    when a beta version will be released, a post will be created. 😃

    hello an alpha version is in the hands of the test team . A beta version will be released once all bugs removed . No need to ask every week, we have to close all open issues before publication of this beta . https://github.com/digitalLumberjack/recalbox-os/milestones/v3.3.0

  • Why not small updates to see more new versions with better perfomance?

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    because there is a lot of change I close this subject. we'll post news as soon as the beta is ready. Thank you for your patience.

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