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Ps3 controller doesn't work on raspberry pi 3

  • Hi guys, I tried to configure my ps3 controller on recalbox but it can't recognize. I don't know what to do. I've also configure my ps3 controller on kodi and it works but nothing on recalbox.

    Let me know. Please I hope so much to solve this problem

    Thank you!

  • If you're talking about using it via bluetooth i think that will be added in 4.1 release. For wired go into recalbox.conf and enable ps3 Controller (change 0 to 1). I think you also have to disable xbox pads if you have them enabled. The option for that should be below psi controller.

    Just in case youre unsure, the easiest way to access recalbox config is to enter your pi's ip into your Web browser and choose the option on the menu.

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    Recalbox supports Bluetooth ps3 controllers since the first version. What is not supported right now but will be in 4.1 is the internal Bluetooth of the rpi 3.

    So if you are talking about Bluetooth :
    And you need a bt dongle whatever the rpi version you have.

    If you are talking about USB, recalbox do not officially support it.

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