Clone 32GB to 64GB image

  • Buenos días, tengo una imagen de 32GB que quiero clonar a 64GB. Resulta que al clonarla la partición ext4 se queda en 26GB. ¿Hay alguna manera de expanderla? Con Gparted no me deja. // Good morning, I have an image 32GB 64GB want to clone. It turns out that the ext4 partition clone stays in 26GB. Is there any way to expand it? With GParted will not let me.

  • you have to shring the share partition. Can't say it's an easy task. What you needed wasn't a clone, but a real copy of the share. Why don't you use an external storage for your roms ?

  • CRT Maniac

    Boot and use Parted Magic or GParted ISO CD-ROM.
    You can shrink partition with it.

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