iMame4All in 4.0.0 with rPi3

  • I am running 4.0.0 beta 5 on an Pi 3. I have libretro_fba and mame2003 running, but I have several "arcade classic" roms that look like they need iMame4All to run.

    I've read through but I'm not clear on how to tell Recalbox to use iMame4All on specific ROMs in the /roms/mame/ directory. I also don't see iMame4All as a selectable emulator or core in the system. Am I missing something?

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    Exemples of roms ?

    • Put only mame 0.37b5roms in mame folder /recalbox/share/roms/mame/
    • Select your rom, push select button.
    • Choose edit metadata
    • Choose emulator > libretro
    • Choose core > imame4all
    • Save
    • Play game

  • Ah - I missed that you have to set the emulator to libretro before you can select the iMame4All core.

    Ok, now that is done, new problems. Anything I try either freezes up within moments of playing or starts directly to the Retroarch menu saying "Device #0 (sdl2) disconnected".

    I've tried:

    All from Mame0.37b5Roms and all on the imame4all_gamelist.txt.

    Does iMame4All not work with the Pi 3?

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    @IOIIOOO are you 100% sure that those roms work on imame4all ?
    They might also need a bios/driver file ?

  • @voljega well they are from Mame0.37b5Roms and all on the imame4all_gamelist.txt file so other than that how would I know? And they are in a folder with all of the BIOS files listed for Mame (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Is there a different BIOS file for iMame4All?

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    @IOIIOOO Well where does this imame4all_gamelist.txt file come from ? And a game can be in a specific mame romset and still not be in a working state.
    Anyway the 0.78 has much more games supported.

    Regarding your bios files everything seems in order

  • @voljega It comes from /recalbox/share/roms/mame/clrmamepro/imame4all_gamelist.txt as referenced in the "Advanced Arcade on Recalbox" wiki article at

    I've tried these same specific ROMs from the 0.78 set and they don't work. That's why I'm working with iMame4All and the Mame0.37b5Roms set as referenced in the wiki article above.

  • @IOIIOOO if the 0.78 Games are not working on your PI, you definately have the wrong roms.. I myself are using the 0.78 and about 80% of the Games are working just fine. Please get the Mame2003 0.78 DAT, or the Imame4All 0.37b5 DAT and a tool like clrmamepro, or ROMulus and make yourself familiar with ROM management. After you verified the Roms you own with the DAT File(s) and they still don't work, we'll have a take a deeper look into the problem. OK? 🙂

  • @Nachtgarm The 0.78 ROMs from the compatible list ARE working. It's the iMame4All roms that are not.

    And I have done a scan of these using clrmamepro against the iMame4All 0.37b5 DAT. It shows that I am missing none of the expected ROMs.

  • @IOIIOOO Ok. I must've overread that fact. Sorry, for that.
    So... if the 0.78 is running, why do you want to use the 0.37 anyway?

  • @Nachtgarm Because several "classic" (i.e. older) games don't seem to want to run with 0.78. The original Pac Man, Space Invaders and Rampage are three specifically I am working on.

    On it says:

    "imame4all is recommended for older games that does not run in piFBA"

    So I assumed it's because the games are too old for more current emulators? Maybe I'm wrong?

  • I'm using the 0.78 Mame Set with the Mame emulator (mame) and it's standard settings.

    and Space Invaders ( - MD5 9deb5c19958860d5b70e4560d2915611 ) is running just fine.

    Which Versions of the games are you trying to run? Zip-Name?

  • @Nachtgarm said in iMame4All in 4.0.0 with rPi3:

    Which Versions of the games are you trying to run? Zip-Name?

    I was able to get to run, but with no color or sound.

    I have tried: (the 1.2 version of Rampage) (midway pacman) (color space invaders)

    With no success.

  • @IOIIOOO Sorry, but I wasn't able to test it further yet. I'll look into that today, most likely.


    Finally, I was able to test all games. My results are:

    Pac-Man (Midway), clone of PuckMan (Japan set 1) is running just fine
    MD5: b55d6c49910c0011907dcbb78f21eaae

    Space Invaders has no sound, because it needs samples, which will be supported soon
    MD5: 9deb5c19958860d5b70e4560d2915611 (without samples)

    Space Invaders (CV Version) is not running on my Pi and if, it would need samples, too (It runs ok on my PC, minor sound issues)
    MD5: 72ff4d8d614717e6633c5bfceb0c5b4b (without samples)

    Rampage (Rev 2, 8/4/86) (original) is not running on my PI, nor is it running "good" on my PC (no sound)

    Rampage (Rev 3, 8/27/86) (clone of Rev 2, 8/4/86) is not running on my PI, but it's running "ok" on my PC (sound probs and low framerate)

    I have tested all games in all available versions from sets 0.78, 0.177 and 0.37bb, but decided to write down only the essential ones

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    samples for mame 2003 are available in recalbox 4.0.0 b5
    need to create folder /recalbox/share/bios/mame2003/samples

  • Thanks for the heads up @acris, I confused the releases for a moment.

  • hello,

    have you find out how to get your rom working? I have the same issue as you

  • @stevex59 At this point I am giving up on getting Rampage working on my Pi3 Recalbox. Doesn't seem to be good ROMs out there. I have the original now working with samples, but not color. Got a pacman working.

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