Gamecube Games Via Moonlight

  • Hey just started experimenting with Steaming Gamecube games emulated through dolphin via Moonlight. Having trouble getting this to run well but it's possible. I thought this would also be a good idea in order to run N64 games that don't run very well such as Conker/DK64. Still figuring out how to get this to work as of yet. Video demonstrating this (bad quality but meh)

    Any advice how to get Gamecube games running optimally? Also if anyone wants to know how I did this it's pretty simple and I'll happily lend a hand.

    Haven't seen any posts about this so sorry if this has already been discussed!

  • Hey @davidwrightini
    Some users succeeded in using dolphin (and even pcsx2) via moonlight. You should expose what's wrong if you want some help :)

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