USB not working after update V 4 beta 5

  • After update to 4 Beta 5 the USB stopped working.
    In the recovery menu everything works fine, after booting no USB Connection works (not even the leds blink). I'm using RPi 2.

    Has anyone an idea what to do? Thx

  • I'm a bit confused ... which led is supposed to blink on a USB port ???

  • @subs
    3rd Party Controllers, BT Dongle and Keyboard have leds

  • Can you make a pastebin of your dmesg output ?

  • I have no access via USB or networkcable as soon as it boots recalbox.
    I can only start the recovery mode and there everything works.
    I also tried some other SD-Cards with linux or win on it and everything works fine.

    Can I do anything with cmdline or config? If not i quess there is no other option as reinstalling recalbox from scratch. ;-P

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