Input_axis_threshold - deadzone - analog stick range - etc

  • re: input_axis_threshold = "0.500000" Does setting this variable have any relevance if the stick is in analog mode? Is it possible to change this value and have it STAY set? Despite changing it in every config I can find, it still resets to 0.5 I am attempting to make my analog sticks more sensitive, and because there appears to be no way to reduce/remove the massive deadzone (which would be ideal) I was experimenting with input_axis_threshold. Presumably by setting it to 1.000000 I will enable the full range of the stick. Right now, between the deadzone which seems to eat the first 20% of movement, and the stick feeling like it achieves maximum signal at about 50% of it's movement... it is extremely difficult to control games like 'Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere' with any degree of finesse. TL;DR: Reduce PS3controller analog stick deadzone, and increase range of stick movement before 100% signal.

  • that won't change input lag of buttons ... The general recipe for lag is : input device lag (say bluetooth, haha) + emulation itself (which, on an average, is around 8 frames in retroarch) + system dependant stuff (CPU clock, CPU load) + screen lag The quest for a reduced input lag is looooooooooong ... there have been quite some topics about that over there at libretro + an issue on recalbox github for a few tweaks Or just use the dpad 😄

  • Not lag. Joystick deadzone.

  • for which core do you want to improve the dead zone ?

  • Anything that uses the analog joystick. It's most annoying in flight sims like Ace Combat (PSX) There is such a huge dead spot that by the time the joystick takes effect it's already a strong response... so it almost may as well be digital on/off. It defeats the purpose of having analog.

  • did you activated analog mod in the ps1 emulator's core options ?

  • Like this? Yes?

  • To be clear: The stick IS operating as analog. But the zone of movement where it is analog is very small, kicks in at a relatively high value (presumably at least 4096,4096), and reached 100% input almost immediately with only a very small movement. There is a large area towards the outside of the movement circle, seems like more than half of it, where all movement is at 100% despite not being anywhere near the physical limit of the stick movement. black=no effect grey= effect, engages suddenly at high value, and quickly reaches 100% with very little movement. white=100% effect, reaches 100% well before stick physically reaches edge of range. ^^^ bad ^^^ Modern controller sticks self-centre, so a huge analog deadzone is redundant, and suddenly outputting 100% effect when it's nowhere near 100% of it's physical movement range.. is very tedious.

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