Beta 4 crashes (Pi 3)

  • Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has been experiencing stability issues, namely within the emulation station menus. I'm using a wired 360 pad and a few times now when I've pressed B to back out of a menu (I was organising my favourites), the system freezes on a black screen and I have to unplug my Pi to restart. This never happened with the beta 3. Anyone else been experiencing issues?   Tim

  • I haven't experienced any such issue however I have had a similar issue when my Pi overheats. Perhaps try cooling the pi with a fan or something and see if that improves stability

  • Don't think it's a temperature issue as I've had this crop up only in the emulation station menus when either backing out to the main menu or going into a menu. I have a Flirc case which is basically one big heat sink. My best guess is there's a bug to do with the slide transition between menus which I think is now set to default in beta 4. Would be grateful for any other thoughts. Recalbox is still working 90% of the time, just sucks that beta 3 was more stable for me.   Tim

  • hey @timporteruk Mind switching the transition back to fade and confirm that the slide is the bug ? I've been running the slide for months on my dev pi, hadn't had any single problem with it Does it happen with the same system always ? Which theme are you using ?

  • Tested it out today and after updating I was still set on fade so the bug seems to be to do with that transition and not the slide transition. I've changed to slide and so far no crashes of any kind. I'm running the recalbox custom theme. The crash seemed to happen only when backing out of a menu, instead of fading, the screen cut to black and I had to restart the system. Definitely not a temperature issue or power issue. Anyway, switching to slide seems to have gotten around the issue. Cheers,   Tim

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