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  • Hello, I have downloaded latest version, and format two 8GB SD cards. Then I extract .zip to the root of the SD. The I put SD to Raspberry B+ and turn ON. Noobs starts, but there is No option to install nothing. Only a buton is active to get online help. I have internet connection thorught Ethernet cable and the web browser opens with help webpage. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much.

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    Hi, you're not doing anything wrong. I'm wondering if your rpi is really recent ?

  • Yes, it was a gift from Farnell to make an order last week. Is there a problem with this rpi's?

  • The install of Recalbox requires two main things on the card. The first is the NOOBs file structure and the second is the OS you want to install inside the 'os' folder. If it's not giving you any options to install Recalbox check what's inside the 'os' folder. By default there should be two folders, one for the original Raspberry Pi and the other for the Raspberry Pi 2 (you can remove the one you don't want and it will free up about 1GB after install!) Also, make sure you've properly formatted the card otherwise it may fail. Use SDFormatter to wipe the card and make sure you set 'format size adjustment' to ON. I hope this helps.

  • It doesn't work. I use SDFormatter with "on" option and unzip to the root of SD Card. I see a folder "OS". Inside there is 2 sub folders, one for Rpi and another for rpi2. But I get the same result. No button to install. I attach 2 photos:

  • If I make an assumption that the NOOBs install from works lets try an alternative way of installing. 1) Download the NOOBs 'offline' from 2) Extract the files to your SD card. (I extra to my computer and then copy to the SD card) 3) Copy the RecalboxOS to the 'os' folder. 4) And then see if it gives you the option to install something. Not something I've experienced to be honest but worth a try. :)

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    I know where that can come from, i'll correct that in the next version. You're RPi must a be new revision, and the version of recalbox-rescue based on noobs hide os that cannot be installed on your rpi (normally hides rpi2 folder on rpi1 and vice-versa) Here it hides everything, sorry. The @nickdj solution is what you can do for now, i opened an issue

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    What i would need is the Revision of your rpi. You can have it when you are on noobs by changing the keyboard layout to fr, getting a prompt with ALT+F2, connect with "root" as login and "raspberry" as password and type cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Revision and give me this string.

  • Hello! I have downloaded the new version of Retrobox 3.2.10 but I still have the problem. I have done what nickdj says, and it works! Thank you! retroboy my revision is: 0013

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    Ok that was missing in recalbox-rescue. Thanks that helps a lot.

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