Pc engine iso

  • Can we please make .iso files loadable for PC Engine CD?  Almost all my PCE cd games are .iso files so they will not work in recalbox.

  • are they at least shown in ES ?

  • Yes, it shows up under the emulator, but when I try and play, the screen goes blank and then goes back to emulation station.  If I have a .bin file instead of a .iso, it works.  It shows up due to having the .cue file in there also.

  • do you have the bios file ?

  • Yes I have the bios file.  Beta 3 on my pi ran .bin files just fine, but .iso files it refused, even after renaming them in the .cue file to all lowercase since it became case sensitive.  Now in beta 4, I have been able to get 1 game running and it was a .cue and bin to begin with.  All my .cue iso's that I converted that ran on my pi beta 3, no longer run on my pi 3 beta 4.  Not sure why this is happening.  The bios is in and it is bold in the bios section of the recalbox.

  • I was able to get most pce cd's to work by checking the .cue file and making sure the letters were lowercase that were supposed to be and .iso is lowercase.  I cannot figure out how to get sapphire to work though (Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire)  Sapphire requires the arcade card on a real pc engine cd unit.  I was able to play it on my pi B with beta 3, but when I bought my new pi 3 and put on beta 4 it will not work.  I get the cd boot up screen and then I hit the run button.  Very quickly the loading screen shows up but then goes away and kicks me out to emulation station again.  did something change in beta 4 for the pce engine that this is not working for me now?

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