Installation over USB-Ethernet

  • Hello guys,   I'm trying to install recalbox on an ODROID W. It is completely hardware-compatible to the B+, but it is a "mobile"-Version. It has USB, but no Ethernet port. When I boot it up, it tells me it needs network acess. I plugged one of those cheap USB->Eth cables into the USB port. It's plug-and-play on debian, but it seems like it doesn't have the right drivers in NOOBS. Is there a way to: 1. Install it without networks 2.Install it from Raspian (I install raspian and a package for recalbox) 3.plug it into a 2B, install it and put it into the ODROID? Is there a way to do one of this options?   Thanks in advance!

  • The ODROID is a different architecture. Having the same arm instructions doesn't mean the cards are the same.  We are currently porting to xu4, we may consider porting to C2 later during the year

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